PRO-C Casing Metal – Plastic Composite Thread Protector

Composite protectors, manufactured by UNIVERSAL TUBI, are designed to combine high PRO-C Casing Metal - Plastic Composite Thread Protectorperformances of steel and high protection of HDPE, offer absolute nd integral protection of threaded ends, and give guarantee resistance against: corrosion, solvent, impact, vibration, strip and over torque, as established by API Specification and major users of OCTG pipes.

The high quality of HDPE gives thermal stability from -46°C to +66°C. It is chemically inert and cannot cause corrosion, galling and can’t damage the threaded ends.

     Dimensional range: 2 3/8″ – 24 ½”. (Ø 60,3 – 622,3 mm). .    Type of threads: all API range and all premium connection requested by customers. Composite protectors are available in: open end driftable (OED), closed end and liftable (CEL) and closed end non liftable (CENL), vent hole as an option.